The Best Cheap Gaming PC Under 200$ in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

This question has been asked around a lot and honestly, the answer is “no” however you can get a decent performing PC for that price. We will show you the best possible PC that you can build that’s close to 200$ and that will perform decently well however you shouldn’t get your hopes up, but I assure you it will run titles like League of Legends and such, which for a 200$ PC is not bad.


The downside of only having 200$ to invest in a computer is that you won’t be able to buy a dedicated graphics card thus your gaming performance will be very limited to the internal CPU graphic card which isn’t that great but will work for most lightweight games, at least in the future you got the option to simply buy a graphics card and you definitely can expect a mild FPS boost, remember that some games are CPU bound which means that even with a GPU you may not notice much of a difference because the CPU may be the bottleneck. (Although I definitely would suggest you to invest on a GPU it is way better than the integrated graphics from the Intel CPU).


Our Cheap Gaming PC Under 200$ Build


Intel G3258 for a 300$ gaming buildIntel G3258amazon buy button logo
Great motherboard for 200$ build the msi h81m-e33MSI H81M-E33amazon buy button logo
WD 160GBWD Blue 160 GB 7200 RPMamazon buy button logo
The evga 430w PSUEVGA 430 W1 80+amazon buy button logo
Crucial 2gb RAMCrucial 2GB DDR3amazon buy button logo


Intel G3258

Intel G3258 for a 300$ gaming build


We have suggested the same CPU before for a 300$ build, so you can be assured that it will perform well enough, it has 3.2Ghz single core speed which is pretty decent if you ask me, it’s also pretty cheap leaving plenty of money to use in the other components and it’s also 1150 socket which means that while it’s not the latest socket, if you ever wish to upgrade CPU’s you don’t need to buy a new motherboard as you have plenty of powerful CPUs with the 1150 socket, it’s without a doubt the best CPU you could get with this budget.

  • Good price for the kind of performance it provides.
  • Great single core speed for such an old CPU.
  • Weak when compared to modern CPUs.


MSI H81M-E33

Great motherboard for 200$ build the msi h81m-e33



This motherboard is pretty cheap, allows 1150 Socket & has USB 3.0 as well. It fits your needs perfectly; It only takes 2 RAM Entries however for this build you won’t ever need more than 2, however, if you wish to get 16GB RAM some day you either have to buy 2x 8GB sticks or upgrade everything which is most likely what I’d do.

  • BIOS is easy to use and understand, good for beginners to building and tweaking a computer.
  • Supports USB 3.0.
  • Doesn’t allow overclocking. (Although your CPU doesn’t allow it either so it doesn’t matter.)



WD Blue 160 GB 7200 RPM

WD 160GB



This is a cheap option with enough speed & size; it allows you to have a few games installed at the same time which should be sufficient for your 200$ build.

  • Very cheap for what it provides (160GB).
  • 7200 RPM. (The Speed of the HDD)
  • 160GB isn’t much if you’re looking to have 5+ games installed. (Just unninstall old ones you don’t play anymore) 



EVGA 430 W1 80+

The evga 430w PSU


This is a very cheap PSU with more than enough power to sustain your build, and if you ever want to upgrade your computer like buying a dedicated graphics card, it will be able to sustain even mid tier cards due to 80+ certificate.

  • Great overall performance.
  • Doesn’t consume much energy. (Saves money on the monthly power bill)
  • Will be able to withstand powering mid-tier GPU’s if you ever buy one.
  • Won’t be able to support High-tier GPU’s.


Crucial 2×2 GB DDR3 (4GB)

Crucial 2gb RAM



The two 2GB RAM Sticks are pretty cheap, and you can choose depending on your budget if you only want one stick or if you want 2. The price difference between 1 stick and buying the 2 sticks is extremely small (like 4$) and the extra 2GB RAM will be quite a valuable asset if you are looking to play games in your computer, not only that but resource intensive tasks will be a lot faster with the 4GB, it’s a worthy investment for such a cheap price.

  • Very good price for 4GB RAM.
  • 1600Mhz (While not the highest speed available it’s also not the lowest, for the price it’s great).
  • If you purchase 2x 2GB Sticks, and if you want to upgrade your RAM you will have to buy 2 sticks again since your motherboard only holds 2 Sticks.

With this build, I assure you that you will be able to run most lightweight games and perform well in any non-gaming task, for such a cheap build I consider this to be pretty good, I doubt that you could find much better with your budget however I suggest you to give it a try, as long as you don’t have too high expectations, you’ll like it. I also tried to give you a few tips throughout the article should you plan on investing later on so choose carefully what you wish to buy now as some options may be better than others if you intend to upgrade your computer.

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