With the arrival of the new Intel 7th Gen CPUs, shiny new motherboards are here to go along with them. This is the 200-series chipset, which refines the features its predecessor, the acclaimed 100-series. Performance wise, the 7th gen gets a 10% jump in clock and corresponding service. It goes hand in hand with the 7th Gen Kaby Lake silicon. It is a premium overclocking motherboard designed to meet the needs of an enthusiast.

If you’re trying to decide on which Z270 is the right choice, you are spoiled with options. The motherboard comes in multiple configurations, designed to be versatile for your needs. Some of the styles include ROG (Republic of Gamers) Maximus IX – a gaming motherboard which already owns multiple speed records. The ROG Strix board adds extra aesthetics if you’re looking for a clean build.

There is the TUF line, which boasts 24/7 stability and industry best overclocking. The TUF has a rugged style that is unique compared to competitors. ASUS also offers a Prime series for the Z270. This board is functional and easily customizable, coming with plenty of options.

The perfect choice may be a different board for one person or another. Price obviously plays a major role, as well as the workload you require. There is the style aspect, as many enthusiasts enjoy proudly displaying their builds. Each board has it’s own look, with some offering customizable effects like lights.

It also works with Skylake Generation CPUs such as the:



The Maximus IX series an improvement over its predecessor, but not a total overhaul. The result is polish, as well as moe efficient under-the-hood capability. ASUS ROG also included other innovations, like a rear I/O shield and backplate, USB 3.1 front panel header, 3D printing support, and dedicated motherboard headers for water cooling gear. This board packs a powerful cooling system. The CrossChill EK II water block offers up to 4-degree Celcius improvements over previous generations. The improved water block boasts a water flow sensor to help monitor an entire water cooling system if a prospective buyer should choose one.

The Maximus IX Apex offers world class overclock capabilities. With a performance-oriented layout, the Apex enables overclocking beyond normal limits by utilizing extreme cooling methods, including liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid helium (LHe). It’s already scored multiple world records and global first places, including long-standing records. These include the best Intel Core processors CPU frequency processors, with a record of 7.383GHz on a single core and one thread and 7.328GHz on four cores and eight threads using the Intel Core i7-7700K. In total, the Maximus IX Apex has secured eight world records and 13 global first places.


The ASUS Prime might be the top choice board, value wise. The flagship board has the overclocking ability and features that most gaming enthusiasts require. Reasonably priced, starting at $164, this board does not feel low quality or cheap. Aesthetically, a black and white color scheme creates a classic look and feel. A single RGB path is located near the audio section of the board, while additional LED lights can be incorporated using the Aura Controller.

The Prime boasts a 10-phase power delivery that is top of the line, as well as a 3-year warranty, two M.2 x4 ports, and Crystal Sound 3 audio. The sound system on this motherboard is truly impressive for the price.


For world-class reliability, look no further than the ASUS TUF Z270. This motherboard was designed for failproof reliability and durability. As an added bonus, the new line of TUF boards now supports overclocking. These boards combine military tested strength with the top of the line performance. An impressive 5-year warranty shows how dependable this board is meant to be.

A cool aspect of this motherboard is the TUF Thermal Armor. Increased cooling is attainable with this strong, futuristic shield. And with Aura RGB illumination, it’s easy to achieve an aesthetic design.

Like the Prime series, TUF also included a very high quality, immersive sound system.

If You Have To Pick…

With all factors considered, either of the options above are solid choices regardless of whatever your needs may be. These boards come in a wide range of specifications, looks, and price points. Overall, any Z270 motherboard will provide premium cooling, great features, and a beautiful lighting system.



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