The Best Budget SSD For Gaming in 2016 – 4 High Performance SSD

Everyone wants performance, but not everyone has a lot of money to spend for said performance, so we were asked “What is the best budget SSD for Gaming ?“, and we have tried our hardest to give you a proper answer.

Ever wondered why your system is running slow even after installing the latest CPU? That could be because of your hard drive. Typical hard drives are slow; SSD’s are fast, but SSD’s are pricey too. In this article, we will try to find that out which would be some of the best SSD for the money by telling you their good and bad points.


Samsung 850 Evo

Samsung 850 SSD

After a revival in the mobile industry, Samsung has really come back in the SSD market. The Samsung 850 Evo is the best selling SSD drive on Amazon. It’s optimum for daily computer needs and is compatible with most of the CPUs out there. Samsung 850 Evo comes with the latest Samsung Mgx technology. It has high endurance with 3 bit per 3D NAND. Rapid mode inside Samsung 850 Evo provides great performance. Your data is secured with AES 256 bit technology and Microsoft eDrive encryption. It comes with a 5-year warranty from Samsung. The package does not include cable and screws which come at an extra cost.


With this pricing and the quality that Samsung provides, we would rate it the #1 best budget SSD Drive without a doubt, if you ever want quality for a low price then this is your best choice.


SanDisk Extreme Pro

The latest SSD From Sandisk Extreme Pro

SanDisk’s Extreme Pro provides the best user experience on this list. It comes with SLC cache (Ncache 2.0) which is termed as the best in the market. However, Samsung 850’s cache comes close to it. It is great for those who are concerned with saving their battery life. SanDisk Extreme Pro guarantees to enhance your battery life by 33%. It has the long endurance for better results. This SanDisk drive provides 500+ Mb per second speed for both reading and writing purposes. It comes with a 10-year warranty from SanDisk.



SanDisk is also a great brand in this market; it’s known for quality although the prices aren’t the best. However fret not because if you buy an SSD of this brand you’ll be fine and impressed with its performance, however, it doesn’t fit the criteria to be chosen as one of the best when compared to the other candidates in this list.




One of the best SSD's Adata SP 550

ADATA SP 550 is the cheapest option in this list. It comes with advanced LDPC ECC technology. The reading and writing speeds are 560 and 510 Mb per second respectively. It also has SLC caching like SanDisk Extreme Pro. For protection, ADATA has added RAID engine. ADATA SP 550 has high TBW (total bytes written) for enhanced longevity of the drive. One more feature is the sleep device function that rests the drive while it’s in a non-function mode. It comes with a three-year warranty from ADATA.


Adata is the least well known & known for low quality when compared with brands like Crucial, Samsung, Sandisk and Intel, however, if you don’t have the money then it’s totally fine to buy this SSD, it provides decent speeds and a 3-year warranty in case something goes wrong.


Intel 535 SSD

One of Intel's best performing SSD the Intel 530 SSD

Intel hardware is best known for its performance and credibility. However, for that, you have to pay more. It’s the priciest option in this list. It is power efficient and reduces the battery usage by up to 90% in idle mode. The reading speed is 540 Mb per second, and the writing speed is 490 Mb per second. It’s best suited for Intel 4th generation processors. Intel 535 SSD uses 20nm NAND technology.


It’s not the best budget SSD due to the prices. However, we can guarantee that it will be just as good if not better than Samsung’s 850 EVO, it’s a great SSD and definitely one of the best available on the market.


Samsung and Intel are bigger companies than ADATA and SanDisk. However, hardware’s performance also depend on the usage. Careless usage can damage any drive, and Efficient usage can make it live for ages. Make sure you choose a larger drive rather than a smaller one; it will serve you for a long time, as long as you buy any of the above SSD’s you’ve made an excellent choice by picking some of the best SSD for the money.


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