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6 Applications That You Should Install On A New PC

When you purchase a new laptop or computer, the first thing that should be done is to install every useful application. Software is the backbone of every system, and while there are hundreds of amazing programs that can be downloaded and installed on a computer, here are some essential ones that you should consider.

Internet Browser

Google Chrome is by far the top pick for most people. It has a very easy-to-use layout. It seamlessly works with other Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Duo, and YouTube. You can open its web store and access hundreds of useful extensions. However, many people don’t like Chrome’s tracking feature and complain that it uses a lot of RAM.

Document Handling

It doesn’t matter if you work, study, or do something else, everyone needs a document handling software. Soda PDF is among the best for reading any PDF files. It also provides many editing tools that are very useful if you want to make any changes. Documents can also be converted to and from other formats. Its most favored feature is the ability to sign documents digitally, you wouldn’t have to waste time printing papers and then scanning them again.

Cloud Storage

You will need to have a cloud storage application on the new device. It is essential to safely store all your photos, videos, documents, and any other files. OneDrive offers the best features for these services. You can quickly upload all your data, unlike other competitors. You can save some important files for offline use. You can also access your account from a computer, mobile, or any other device.

Music Streaming

A few years ago, you would’ve had to go through the long and painful process of importing all your music and then organizing the files. However, many companies have developed applications that allow users to manage their music with ease. You can download Spotify for streaming songs. If your device is connected to the internet, you can access millions of songs. You can listen to any song, create playlists, and properly organize every track.

Office Suite

You probably have heard of the major Microsoft Company that is dominating several fields. Microsoft Office has the best and top-rated plans in the world. It offers several different applications in one complete package. Users can easily write anything they like using Microsoft Word. Microsoft PowerPoint lets anyone create playful and creative presentations, as well as analytical and business-related productions. Microsoft Excel offers spreadsheets that can be used by every business and students. It also has other useful programs.

Media Player

You are probably going to import tons of videos, films, or home movies on the computer. A good media player with a great design and user-friendly experience is very useful to watch videos and listen to music. VLC Media Player is among the best software for this purpose. It also has much better features than some of its competitors, like a better volume control.

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