Top 3 Best Motherboard For I9 9900K in 2019 [ANSWERED]

The best choice is the maximus x formula

Intel core I9 is a group of desktop and laptop processors manufactured by Intel. The I9 core processor was launched at the end of 2008, with the release of the Nehalem Bloomfield Processors. Nehalem, Sandy Bridge, Westmere, Ivy Bridge, Broadwell, Haswell, Kaby Lake Microarchitecture and Skylake are the various families of 64-bit X86-64 processors that come under the Intel Core I9 category. The I9 Processors of the intel are equipped with the Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, and provides the responsiveness and power that you would want in your computer.

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The I9 processors will enable you to play latest games with high specifications, support 4K Ultra High definition videos and high-speed transfer of data through the use of Thunderbolt 3 internet technology. The I9 9900K is a model of the Intel I9 core processors, which has the clock speed of the 4.90Ghz and comes with 12Mb cache.

This model  has 8 core and 8 threads. If you are planning to buy an I9 9900K, then you must keep one thing in your mind; For being able to withdraw the maximum power possible from your CPU, a good motherboard is required, especially if you’re looking to overclock.

The Motherboard is the part of the computer, which connects all the components inside the case with each other. Therefore, in order to withdraw as much power as possible from your CPu you most definitely need a good motherboard that allows you to overclock.

Here at Innoreviews we will be listing our top choices, performance & budget based, which are compatible with the I9 9900K processor so that you can get the best performance and power.


Top 3 Best Z390 Motherboards for the I9 9900K


Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7


It is manufactured by Gigabyte, with the height of 8 cm and width of 27 cm. It has an LGA 1151, supports DDR4 RAM and supports 802.11.a for wireless connectivity. The Aorus Gaming 7 can provide its users with a stable speed of 5 Ghz. The pros of the AORUS GAMING 7 are that it provides good feature set for gaming, its layout is not cluttered and it comes with a nice kit of accessories. However, there is a problem, a part of the heatsink LEDS gets hidden by the Video Card, for some this isn’t a big issue but for people who enjoy the aesthetics of their build this may be a big issue. Another limitation of the AORUS GAMING 7 is that it is quite expensive.

It is however suitable for this CPU due to the fact that it provides component safety, along with the ability to overclock & a great sound card which is important for gaming.



If you are aspiring to buy a premium Motherboard for your CPU, then look no further then the MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming. It can easily support the I9 Intel core processor and can run DDR4 RAM. The Godlike Gaming of the MSI will be providing you with a plethora of slots and controllers. The MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming will be giving you a variety of awesome features in return for the hefty price that you will be paying to purchase the MSI GODLIKE GAMING.


ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero

The best choice is the maximus x formula
The Asus ROG Maximus X Hero is the #1 high-end motherboard that you can purchase. The Maximus X Hero has been designed exclusively to improve the speed and connectivity of your computer. Though the price is quite high, it would be providing you with awesome features in return for every hard earned penny that you would be paying. The Maximus X Hero has LGA 1151-V2 intel socket. It also has dual channel & 4 slots for RAM and uses Intel Gigabit Ethernet for the Purpose of internet connectivity.


ASRock Z370 Extreme4

If you have a mid-range budget then, we will be recommending you to purchase the ASRock Extreme4, which is the #1 Mid-range motherboard available in the market.

The Extreme 4 supports USB 3.1 Type A and C Gen 2 ports, which can offer speed of up to 10 GB/s. It has four DDR4 DIMM slots and supports HDMI.

The ASRock Extreme 4 will be providing its users with good performance in all aspects. The Extreme 4 also has overclocking abilities.


MSI Z370-A Pro

ASUS Prime Z390-A

And for those who are want to purchase a budget motherboard, we would be recommending them to go for the MSI Z370-A Pro. The MSI Z370-A Pro Weights 1.22 Kg and has the dimension 34.8 x 26.9 x 7.9 cm. It has LGA 1151 internal socket and can easily support any CPU from the 9th generation, along with the support of DDR4 RAM memory. The MSI Z370-A Pro uses the DDR4 boost and Audio Boost technology to improve the Graphic capabilities of the computer and audio listening experience of the users. For internet connectivity, it uses Turbo M.2, which can deliver speeds up to 32 Gb/s.


And the winner is…………….

After knowing the specifications of all the motherboards and analyzing the pros, cons, price, and value offered in return for the money, we have come to the conclusion that the following motherboard is the best motherboard For I9 9900K:

If you want to get the best performance, then you must purchase ASUS ROG STRIX. The ASUS ROG STRIX will be providing you better connectivity through the use of 80.11sc Wifi, Dual M.2, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.1 Front Panel & OptaneTM compatibility for memory. The ASUS ROG STRIX will be providing you with 8 channel HD audio through its amplifiers for dual headphones. It also has the exclusive feature of Japanese Capacitor driven SupremeFX S1220A Codec. With all its quality features, the ASUS ROG STRIX will enable you to get all the best experience and performance.

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