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The Best SSD Brand on Market in 2020 [ANSWERED]

After month’s of testing, we have reached a consensus on “what’s the best SSD Brand” and we will publish our results, all of this was done with proper testing methods & information / results archiving, which we will try to include here for you.

SSD’s are growing worldwide, it’s not just a futuristic and unnecessary component like many people thought when SSD’s were first released, in fact, it’s trending right now and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping its growth. According to some statistics, HDD’s will be entirely replaced by SDDs in a near future, they serve the exact same functions yet they are far, far more powerful and efficient, regarding gamers, there’s no such thing as the best SSD brand for gaming, the SSD has no particular function when it’s about gaming, it just does its usual job so getting any good SSD will help decrease your loading screen time.


While SSD’s don’t suffer from the same problems as HDDs with their average short life & easy to damage hardware parts, it is still important to know which brand to pick, while you do pay for the name, they are known for a reason, and that reason is QUALITY. Obviously though, not all of them are high quality, and we’re here to weed out all the “average” quality brands from the high quality ones that are worth buying for a long-term & risk free buy & as such find out which can be considered the best SSD brand on market.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Brand Reputation on all kinds of markets.
  • Price
  • Money Efficient


SSD Brand Reputation

Before purchasing you want to think to yourself:

“Is this a  well-known brand?”  as well as

“How are the reviews & Reputation of this brand?”

These are 2 crucial questions that separate a good from a bad brand, good brands usually are filled with great reviews and, therefore, a good reputation, and you’ll probably have heard about it before unless it’s a very specific brand (i.e.,: Only focuses on 1 market that may be on the rise or is not very well known yet to general society).

However since you’re here, we will do the heavy lifting for you and tell you from our point of view the only few reputable brands in the SSD market.


  • Samsung
  • Kingston
  • Crucial


Speaking from experience and overall test results, we’ve acknowledged these 3 brands as the most reputable brands, they are all well-known brands especially Samsung, Kingston distinguishes itself as well in the RAM market while Crucial focuses on SSD’s and therefore may not be well known however we guarantee you they don’t fall behind, and you’ll see later on in this article.



Why these three brands?




Samsung is well known throughout the world for many different markets, it’s not a surprise to find it here as well, Its reputation isn’t just a fluke, Samsung can back up its reputation with its products great quality in all kinds of markets.

Regarding SSDs, Samsung is continually producing new and improved SSDs every year, in fact, its latest product has received fantastic reviews and the speed is just as amazing, you may see our Samsung 850 SSD review , there is literally no reason to doubt Samsung, it’s always a remarkable brand regardless of whatever market you’re looking into, it’s always a reputable and excellent source.





Kingston is another well known brand in the computer hardware world, especially in the RAM market, however it’s generally said that you pay for the brand when we’re talking about RAM, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for the SSDs that they produce & sell. From all the 3 brands, Kingston has the lowest average SSD price , although we also agree that the other two still excel in terms of quality, Kingston doesn’t provide as exciting speeds and overall life expectancy as the other 2 brands, but even so it doesn’t fall behind by a large margin, in fact, it’s also a safe brand if you aren’t willing to pay some extra money to buy a Samsung or Crucial SSD.





Crucial is the least “well known” brand from the 3, however it’s far from being the worst either, Crucial has an excellent reputation in the SSD market, with almost no negative reviews, Crucial can and is compared to Samsung in terms of quality. Crucial provides the buyers with incredible speed and life expectancy, you can’t go wrong with Crucial SDDs, the price is also very similar to Samsung, there’s barely any distinction between the two besides an average of a slightly faster average speed on Crucial SSDs when compared to Samsung.



Our Conclusion & Answer as the Best SSD Brand



The answer is Crucial.


We have bought several products from many different brands but we have yet to point a single defect or adverse comment regarding Crucial, to be honest, we can’t do it either for Samsung but Crucial has the slight advantage over Samsung in terms of average speed which is why we have chosen it as the top brand, however by no mean are Kingston or Samsung bad, they’re also great brands which can easily keep up with Crucial, we would definitely recommend to get a Crucial or Samsung SSD for a safe long-term investment or a Kingston if you don’t want to invest that much into an SSD, it’s still a safe investment even though it still falls a slight bit behind, however you shouldn’t ever buy those very cheap SSD’s they’ll prove to be a bad investment as they tend to be low quality, remember to only purchase SSD’s from the best SSD Brand and/or Brands on market if you want to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for.

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