Cooler of the GTX 1160 with a red led

Best GTX 1160 for Gaming

If you are wondering why we are writing about the best GTX 1160, that is because there’s quite a number of these great graphics cards out there. They have recently emerged as one of the best lines for people who prefer to game or do graphics-related work to the max without shelling out hundreds of …

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Health Benefits of Gaming

Video games have moved on in the last few decades. Many of us have experienced the transition from simple games in the 70s such as Space Invaders to totally immersive, virtual reality games that blur the line between reality and fantasy. Games have also become more sophisticated in other ways. For example, many have claimed …

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Choosing Computer Components

The continued development of information technology has made the computer as one of the needs of human life. Choosing computer components is very important issues to increase computer performance tips. Not surprising indeed if the demand for this equipment is increasing. Markets that provide the facilities open. The merchant computer does not want to miss …

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image of how much you can overclock your cpu

ASUS Motherboard Overclocking Guide – Part One – Introduction

Overclocking or oc’ing, as is commonly known to the overclocking community, is a process that involves pushing the clock speed of a particular computer component such as the CPU or graphics card higher than the default clock speed originally set by the manufacturer. Some overclockers may buy cheap computer parts for the purpose of overclocking …

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