Motherboards are often neglected by many people, the truth is that while motherboards are indeed the “core” of the computer, they play no part in terms of performance, depending on their price range they may just have different limitations and a couple different features, nothing massive, especially if you can invest those extra 50$ into a better Graphics Card or CPU.

Even so you must know how to choose motherboards, a poor motherboard can completely wreck all your components so it’s usually recommended that you buy a well known brand motherboard to prevent such problems, that’s just one of the few reasons that we generally suggest not to skip out on a good motherboard.

Gamers also keep forgetting that meanwhile a motherboard won’t have any direct performance impact in your games, it still impacts your sound, your motherboard is what holds the sound card, a cheaper motherboard will have a cheaper sound card while a high grade motherboard will have an equally great sound card, so for competitive gamers an expensive motherboard may prove to be a valuable asset.

We will be sharing several tutorials and reviews on all kinds of motherboard to help you pick the best motherboard for you!