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Best Video Conferencing Experience with MS Teams

When it comes to collaborative communications, a Microsoft Teams Phone system is an excellent option for businesses. It offers superior video conferencing experiences due to features like shared lines, group call pickups, and secure call delegation.

Whether you need to schedule a small group meeting or have a presentation for a larger group, you can make the most of Microsoft Teams with these easy steps.

Prepare Well for the Call

Before inviting people for a video conferencing call, make sure that you have everything ready in time. You can work with your team within Office 365 to prepare the flawless presentations.

Tools and applications like smart boards, meeting notes, and screen share planners can help in these endeavors. If the call has to connect to a remote location, make sure that your internet connection is fast and adequate.

Use the Best Devices

From screens to headsets, you should use the best devices for video conferencing. Deploy the phones that allow users to make audio calls, video calls, and content sharing. With the latest technologies, it takes nothing more than a click of the button to connect the call with any location.

The top-rated devices can offer a frequency response of 100 Hz to 22 kHz. When selecting the device, consider the size of your conference room as well. For example, you may use a phone with a pickup range of 4.2m/14’ and frequency range 200 Hz-14 kHz for a small room suitable for 6-8 people. Also, look for features like noise blocking, compatibility with Microsoft Teams, and upgradability of devices.

Ensure Device Optimization

Once you select the right device, make sure to optimize them for better connectivity and seamless communications. Microsoft Teams Phone system has replaced the traditional PBX systems with its ability to offer better experiences even to the larger teams.

When you install this system with high-tech devices, you can make the most by using two screens for tracking the call and setting up content simultaneously.

Using the background blur feature in the Teams, you can reduce distractions when making the calls. Most importantly, make sure that every team member can view the presentation during the call.

Prepare Meeting Reports

Even if some members on the team miss a call, you can record the proceedings so that they can view them later. This recording also helps make new people understand the working of your business. If you work in a global environment with teams spread over different time zones, this feature can help you a lot.

Here, Microsoft Teams provide a convenient recording feature that not only records the calls but also stores them in Microsoft Stream. From here, you can create video transcriptions with a caption for easy accessibility to every call.

Get Call Analytics

Within your admin portal of Microsoft Office 365, you can prepare a complete report of attendees at a video conferencing. It helps to ascertain the number of people who attended the call and those who couldn’t participate. Call Analytics also provides the details of network, devices, and connectivity during a call.

These are some useful tips that can help you to optimize Microsoft Office Phone solutions deployed in your office.

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