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InnoReviews has been live since 2021 providing quality content, guides & reviews to the readers. Our site is visited daily by hundreds of new visitors and over 30% of them return to our site to read the latest guides, tutorials and reviews.

As of 2021, we have decided to finally allow other bloggers to join us and start contributing on our platform.

There are many benefits when contributing to InnoReviews such as:

  • Increase your target audience
  • Increase your visitors since we receive hundreds of new unique visitors every day
  • SEO Benefits due to High Quality Link to your blog
  • Our new articles are indexed in Google almost instantly
  • We actively share the top 5 quality guest posts of the month in our facebook & twitter.
  • Improve your portfolio as an author/writer
  • We get to know you, if you’re a regular guest poster then your articles will be accepted much faster.

With this said, do you enjoy writing about hardware, software, gaming & technology in general? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are currently looking for people who wish to write for us.

Do you only accept tech guest post or can I write about other niches?

We currently accept anything related to technology, here’s a list of a few more specific subjects:

  • Internet
  • Internet Marketing
  • Motherboards
  • CPUs
  • SSDs
  • GPUs
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Smartphones
  • Ipads / Tablets
  • Computers
  • IT
  • Programming
  • Gaming
  • Gaming Tutorials
  • News related to technology
  • Reviews on products
  • Technology / products / Assembly Tutorials / Guides

Who can submit a technology guest post?

Anyone including you can submit guest posts, there is a fee included if you wish to include links, however, everything is negotiable, just send us an email, we’re flexible!


  1. Only 1 link per article.
  2. Minimum of 1000 words.
  3. Article must be related to hardware, software, gaming or technology in general
  4. Your article must not be and will not be published on any other website or blog.
  5. Original content only, if we notice that you’ve copied the content from someone else we will immediately remove the article.
  6. All articles are subject to approval.
  7. Guest posts will be added to the “Blog” category.
  8. If you have several headings make sure to properly use tags such as <h2> and <h3>

If you can follow these simple guidelines, then you can apply and send your guest posts to us.

Become an author and send us your guest post to our email: [email protected]

If you add images matching your article then it’s highly appreciated as we like to keep our website filled with only High Quality content and images helps to visualize the information you’re sharing with your articles.

Common Reasons For Rejecting Your Submission

To begin with, we are entitled to deny any and all applications regardless of whatever reason there is, however, we are professional and as such we like to follow a certain guideline and as long as you follow it too you shouldn’t have issues, however, there’s always a few smart guys that love to break the rules and see if they get away with it.

Usually when we reject submissions these are the most common issues:

  • Low Quality Article. We receive a lot of submissions with low quality articles, too much fluff and too few information, if you’re gonna write a long article, fluff is fine, however, if you’re writing a small article then go straight to the point and provide as much information as you can while avoiding unnecessary fluff.
  • Not reading the guidelines. This is very common and the reason we say this is because we often get emails with articles on completely irrelevant subjects such as health, fitness, pets and so on, we will obviously not accept those, so make sure that it’s a technology guest post or related niches.
  • Copied content. We do not allow copied content, not only does it make us look like we lack quality by accepting trash guest posts with copied content but it also hurts our readers who recognize the copied content.

As long as everything in check then we would like to welcome you to

come write for the best technology blogcome and Write For us, we’re waiting for your awesome articles to be included on our website!

PS: Feel free to include your author bio in your submission as we love to get to know & build relationships with our authors. If you would like we will also gladly include it in your articles (although it will not count for the word count required!)

We are also open for advertisements, if you’re looking to advertise on our website then shoot us an email with your website & information on your proposal, all advertisements will be shown on the sidebar of every single article in our website.

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