Best Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X

Best Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X in 2021

Since its launch, Ryzen 5 3600X has quickly risen on the ladder to rank among the bestselling processors in today’s market. The high ranking is mainly attributed to its powerful performance, quality, efficiency, and affordability. Additionally, this powerful 6-core processor boasts an epic 12 threads that guarantee excellent performance in multi and single-core applications.

However, to bolster its performance to the fullest potential, manufacturers advise users to fit an equally powerful motherboard that will deliver all the processor’s power. That means the only way to enjoy your Ryzen 5 3600X processor is by installing a supported motherboard. It is a crucial part that supports and plays a vital role in running your equipment.

But that’s where many people fail: finding the best Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X!

There are countless motherboards available on the market. Each model comes with distinct features, and it is no wonder many people still face a puzzle in getting the right pick. The unit you choose will depend on your needs and priorities. As a gaming enthusiast, you’d want to invest in something that offers you value for money. You can consider motherboards with older chipsets, but not all are compatible with Ryzen 5 3600X series.

That means, before buying your next motherboard, it’d be wise to look at its features and confirm that it will meet your needs. To help you fulfill this goal, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top 7 best motherboards compatible with Ryzen 5 3600x. All these picks strike a balance between performance and durability and will work just fine with your processor!

Let’s dive right in!

Top 7 best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X

Best Overall motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) Check Price
Best Premium motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming Check Price
Best Entry motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI Check Price
Best Budget motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X MSI B450-A PRO MAX MSI B450-A PRO MAX Check Price
Best Enthusiast motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Check Price
Best MicroATX (mATX) motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X Gigabyte B450 AORUS M Gigabyte B450 AORUS M Check Price
Best Mini ITX (mITX) motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X ASRock B450 GAMING-ITX/AC ASRock B450 GAMING-ITX/AC Check Price


Best Overall Motherboard


Up on top is the TUF GAMING X570-PLUS, a well-engineered motherboard featuring military-grade components, a full set of cooling options, and an upgraded power solution. This gear comes ready to offer you solid-rock performance and reliable game stability.

The motherboard’s CPU VRM uses the 12+2 Dr. MOS power stages, which combines low-side and high-side MOSFETs and drivers into a single package. This delivers an efficient power required by AMD’s latest processors to provide 24/7 performance.

You can now unleash your systems’ full potential with X570-PLUS while personalizing your build with the AURA Sync lighting. The motherboard utilizes comprehensive cooling to minimize overheating. It includes an active PCH heatsink, M.2 heatsink, VRM heatsink, Fan Xpert 4, and hybrid fan headers.

For networking, the MD uses the Realtek L8200A Gigabit Ethernet. Connectivity-wise, the integrated Gigabit LAN, dual M.2, and USB 3.2 Gen2 are always ready to deliver max connectivity speeds.

The X570-Plus Wi-Fi handles overclocking the Ryzen 7 3700X perfectly, making it an excellent base for building an AMD Ryzen 3000 series system.

It utilizes Lithium Polymer batteries which come included in the purchase package.

Even though the Asus TUF Gaming ranks among the more affordable boards available on the X570 platform, it still includes a USB Type-C port, Wi-Fi connectivity, and RGB LED illumination.

The included accessories are few, as is expected from budget-level motherboards. Among the included things is a User’s manual containing step-by-step instructions to guide you through the setup procedure.

Key Features

  • It has a memory storage capacity of 128 GB
  • Features a memory speed of 4400 MHz
  • Uses the DIMM RAM technology
  • It comes with six fan headers
  • It is compatible with processors like AMD 3rd Generation and Ryzen


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Model: TUF GAMING X570-PLUS
  • Memory (RAM): 128 GB
  • Expansion Slots: Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2
  • Chipset: AMD 570X

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming

Best Premium motherboard

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming

Powered by 3rd and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen AM4 processors, ROG STRIX x570-e delivers the top-notch features enthusiasts crave. Its game-changing functionality and pure aesthetic expression are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

This premium pick comes with ROG’s I/O shield finished in sleek matte black. It’s always pre-mounted for easy installation. The motherboard also features a SafeSlot, which provides stronger PCIe device retention and more excellent shearing resistance.

It has the dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots that you can rely on to build a great home gaming PC. Furthermore, the PCIe 4. 0, HDMI 2. 0, Type-A & Type-C connectors, and DisplayPort boost connectivity, allowing you to have a smooth gaming experience.

The next-gen connectivity integrates the Wi-Fi 6 (802. 11ax), aura Sync RGB lighting, 2. 5 Gbps LAN, USB 3. 2 Gen 2, and dual M. 2 heatsink.

Enjoy an unmatched personalization with its ASUS-exclusive Aura Sync RGB, including RGB headers and addressable Gen 2 headers.

Draw deeper into action with high-fidelity audio consisting of Sonic Studio III, SupremeFX S1220A, and DTS Sound Unbound.

The MOS heatsink with an 8 mm Heatpipe and dual M. 2 heatsinks facilitates efficient heat dissipation, allowing the processor to run at full speeds without overheating.

The automated system-wide tuning provides cooling and overclocking profiles to suit your specific rig. And the onboard Wi-Fi 6(802.11Ax) with MU MIMO supports guarantee high-performance gaming networking.

Key Features

  • Supports 2nd and 3rd generation AMD
  • 5 Way Optimization
  • USB 3. 2 Gen2 and M.2 drive
  • Onboard Wi-Fi 6(802.11Ax) with MU MIMO support
  • Pre-mounted I/O shield


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Model: ROG Strix X570-E
  • Memory (RAM): 128 GB
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Expansion Slots: Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots
  • Chipset: AMD 570X


Best Entry motherboard


The MSI MAG X570 boasts smart features for easy and convenient usage. It includes a pin-header keep-out zone, a friendly SATA and USB location, and different cooling solutions. All these features make it the best entry motherboard.

Efficient cooling is paramount to having a high-performance PC. Its fan connectors are located at the bottom of the motherboard. It is also designed with a patented fan and double ball bearings to provide the best performance while sustaining intense workloads.

It supports the 3rd, and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen and DIY users can pick this as their best Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X and choose any gaming rig they want.

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Here’s an opportunity to reward your ears with studio-grade sound quality. The MD’s audio boost ensures you have the most immersive gaming experience.

Additional features like the MSI’s Mystic Lightning, Game Boost, DDR4 Boost will come in handy in satisfying your gaming hunger.

Most importantly, the board has an 8+4 pin CPU power connector with the VRM running very cool, even with PBO activated.

MSI highly regards the memory performance and stability of its motherboards. This specific unit has a memory storage capacity of 128 GB and utilizes DDR4 RAM technology.

All considered, the MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI is an excellent pick for anyone looking to buy an easy-to-install and use motherboard. Its array of troubleshooting tools and convenient features will make operation bt newbies a breeze.

Key Features

  • Supports 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen
  • Supports DDR4 memory, up to 4600 MHz
  • Frozr Heatsink design
  • Designed with the patented fan
  • Studio-grade sound quality


  • Brand: MSI
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Model: MAG X570 Tomahawk WiFi
  • Memory (RAM): 128GB of DDR4
  • Expansion Slots: 2x M.2 slots
  • Chipset: AMD X570


Best Budget motherboard


If you’re working on tight budgets but still need a quality motherboard for your PC, you’ll be happy to meet MSI B450-A PRO MAX! This unit combines quality and durability. Even at its budget-friendly price tag, the MD still guarantees users top performance and smart solutions.

The device supports the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Gen AMD Ryzen or Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics. It also works perfectly well with the 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen with Radeon graphics and the Athlon with Radeon Vega Graphics desktop processors for Socket AM4.

Simplicity at heart! Simply use your USB key to flash any bios in a matter of seconds, without the need to install a graphics or Memory card.

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It is engineered to gratify even the most demanding professional. With a DDR4 memory of up to 4133(OC) MHz, the unit will fit in any PC, supporting your business with a stable and reliable performance.

It works well with Ryzen 3000 out of the box and supports a RAM of up to 128GB. Together with a max speed of 4133MHz, all these features make it a pretty awesome pick for the budget.

It has a slightly brown color which is almost unnoticeable if your side panel is made out of tempered glass.

Beware that only a +12V RGB port is available, meaning that the MD does not support 5V ARGB. But if you aren’t planning to install led-strips, this shouldn’t be a big issue.

In conclusion, this generation is well equipped with a high-quality network solution that will serve you with 24/7 reliability when transferring big data. It is definitely one of the best choices to go with for a budget build.

Key Features

  • Supports 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen
  • Supports DDR4 Memory up to 4133(OC) MHz
  • Turbo M.2 runs at PCI-E Gen3 x4 for max performance
  • Flash BIOS button
  • Multi-GPU with Steel Armor PCI-E slots


  • Brand: MSI
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Model: B450APROMAX
  • Memory (RAM): 64 GB
  • Expansion Slots: 4
  • Chipset: AMD B450

Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero

Best Enthusiast motherboard

Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero

The Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero boasts far better qualities and specs than other motherboards available on the market. It is an ideal pick for those looking to optimize their chipset.

The MD comes with an AMD AM4 socket ready for 3rd and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen processors. It also boasts up to 2 M. 2 drives, an AMD storemi, and a USB 3. 2 Gen2 for ultimate speed and connectivity.

It ranks as the best enthusiast motherboard thanks to its DIY-friendly design. The pre-mounted I/O shield, BIOS Flashback, and ASUS safe Slot are kept in place for maximum endurance.

The comprehensive thermal design includes an active PCH heatsink, a ROG cooling zone, and an M. 2 aluminum heatsink for efficient heat dissipation.

Like the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming motherboard, this MD also provides an automated system-wide tuning which provides a 5-way optimization. This, in turn, gives the cooling and overclocking profiles tailor-made for your specific rig.

With this unit, networking is not an issue as it supports GameFirst V software! The options include the 2.5 Gbps LAN and Gigabit Ethernet, both protected by the ASUS LANGuard.

The motherboard employs the SupremeFX integrated-audio solution for detailed sound signature. The audio solution provides a flat and neutral frequency response to preserve the pristine signature when delivering sonics.

And so, here’s an opportunity to grow your gaming world. Its ROG ecosystem is extensive and will ensure you enjoy a more excellent choice!

Key Features

  • Powered by 2nd and 3rd gen AMD Ryzen AM4 processors
  • It features the latest Intel 2.5G Ethernet
  • 5-Way Optimization
  • Dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 Slot that supports up to 22110
  • Pre-mounted I/O shield


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Memory (RAM): 128GB
  • Expansion Slots: 2 slots for M2.0
  • Chipset: AMD X570

Gigabyte B450 AORUS M

Best MicroATX (mATX) motherboard

Gigabyte B450 AORUS M

The M in B450 AORUS M is an mATX form factor suggesting that this motherboard has minimal aesthetics. But despite being a mid-end MD, you’ll still find the 8-pin 12V CPU power socket, which facilitates sufficient power supply to the CPU for better performance.

Its AM4 socket is a prominent feature of this product since it is a reliable microarchitecture that surpasses its predecessors.

The Gigabyte B450 is only compatible with the 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen processors; that is why it’s considered the Best MicroATX motherboard.

Having 4 DIMM slots in total, the unit supports dual-channel DDR4 memory up to 32GB and 3200MHz via overclock.

While AMD claims to have better DDR4 memory support for this chipset, you can still look for a DDR4 memory kit compatible with the AMD Ryzen system.

Its high-quality audio capacitors and audio noise guard will revamp your gaming experience like never before.

Like most motherboards, you’ll find the front panel IO headers at the motherboard’s bottom section.

Key Features

  • High-quality audio noise guard and audio capacitors
  • Gigabyte exclusive 8118 gaming LAN
  • It utilizes the smart fan 5 with fan stop
  • HDMI and DVI D ports for multiple display
  • RGB fusion with digital LED and RGB LED headers


  • Brand: Gigabyte
  • Form Factor: Micro ATX
  • Model: B450 AORUS M
  • Memory (RAM): DDR4
  • Expansion Slots: 2x PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Slots


Best Mini ITX (mITX) motherboard


The ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/AC is a small, gaming-oriented Mini-ITX motherboard with a reasonably decent set of capabilities. It is an excellent option for anyone looking to build a smaller gaming system, no matter the Ryzen performance level you want.

ASRock B450 supports high-speed wireless connections of up to 433Mbps and Bluetooth 4.2 / 3.0 plus high-speed class II.

With onboard video outputs, this board can push both AMD’s 2×00 APUs and the 2000-series CPUs, along with a single VGA or maybe a RAID card.

Add in 4x SATA3 Ports, Hot Plug, M Intel LAN port, AMD Promontory B450 chipset, Realtek ALC1220 audio CODEC, and ASRock’s latest RGB implementation, and you get an excellent base for a power-packed gaming system for memory speeds of up to 3466 MHz+.

Key Features

  • Chipset: AMD Promontory B450. OS
  • Max Capacity of 32GB
  • 2x PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots
  • SATA: 4x SATA3 Ports
  • Supports 65W Water Cooling


  • Brand: ASRock
  • Form Factor: Mini ITX
  • Memory (RAM): 32.0 GB
  • Expansion Slots: 2
  • Chipset: AMD B450

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What motherboards are compatible with AMD Ryzen 5 3600X?

All the motherboards mentioned on this list are compatible with AMD Ryzen 5 3600X. They include Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI), ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming, MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI, MSI B450-A PRO MAX, Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, Gigabyte B450 AORUS M, and ASRock B450 GAMING-ITX/AC.

Does the b550 motherboard support Ryzen 5 3600x?

The B550 motherboards can only support Ryzen 3600X if they have the right bios installed. This way, the MD will unlock all the potential power of a value-packed processor like the Ryzen 3600X.

Is Ryzen 5 3600X with an x570 motherboard?

Yes, an x570 motherboard can support Ryzen 5 3600X. AMD announced that alongside the Ryzen 5000 series of processors, motherboards like B550, A520, and X570 would support their new CPUs.

Final Words

Every gaming enthusiast will need to buy the best motherboard to unlock the potential of their processors. The MDs play a significant role in giving you the best video graphics and quality when streaming your online games. Besides the top-notch performance, the motherboards also guarantee great performances when performing heavy-duty tasks on your PC.

However, the best overall motherboard varies from one person to another, depending on needs and priorities. What may be best for one user may not be as suitable to another. So, every gamer needs to do thorough research on a product before buying it.

We hope this review was helpful. Get any of our top 7 best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X and enjoy the benefits of your value-packed processor. You can trust all our products as they are sure to give you value for money.

All the best in your search for the best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600X!

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