[ANSWERED] What’s the best motherboard for I7 9700K?

The I7 9700K is the latest high-end CPU from Intel; it came with the Ice Lake architecture which changed the hardware world upside down.

Rumor says that Intel finally started to increase the Cores from their CPU due to AMD’s competitions & the release of AMD Ryzen’s, this theory is further supported due to Intel’s earlier release of the I7 8700K which bumped the cores from 4 to 6 and threads all the way up to 12. However, Intel decided to completely crush their competition by releasing the Ice Lake Architecture which features the 10nm+ processing which is a direct improvement of the 14nm process used by older generations. (Check the FAQ at the bottom of the page for an explanation of the benefits).

However, Intel didn’t stop there, they didn’t only improve their process technique from 14nm to 10nm but also increase the cores of the I7 9700K from 6 to 8 and threads all the way up to 16, that’s something innovative from Intel, usually these CPUs with high Cores & Threads were pretty much AMD’s trademark.

With this said, it’s about time we answer the question you’re here for.


What’s the best motherboard for I7 9700K?





Summary / Our Opinion

Honestly, the Ice Lake has provided the most significant changes of the past decade when compared to the previous generation; it increased not only the cores & threads but also the process method. All in all, it’s a great CPU, and as such we will go against our usual recommendation of going for a cheaper board if you’re not looking to overclock.¬†With this CPU you SHOULD aim to overclock it later on, this is a CPU that will last you for many many years (in terms of gaming), that’s how powerful it really is.

With this said, we most definitely recommend you to pick a proper motherboard to provide your system with safety & the capability to overclock your CPU. Getting a good board will help you improve its performance later down the road once newer & even more powerful CPU’s are out, but you’ll also make your system even more future-proof.




What’s the difference between the 10nm+ process & 10nm & the 14nm process used in older generations?

The 10nm+ process is a direct upgrade of the 10nm & 14nm process, this may sound confusing, but I believe this graph explains it pretty well, it’s much easier to understand it by visual help rather than reading about it.

Graph of the 10nm+ process method used in Ice lake